• Cinnamon Sugar Brioche Twists

    Cinnamon Sugar Brioche Twists!! If you're looking for a labor-intensive quarantine baking project, look no further than here! Buttery, cinnamon-y, and the perfect breakfast pastry.

  • Birthday Cake Year 3

    I know. It’s been a month again, I KNOW. Here’s the thing. I tried to justify using our hard-won groceries for this blog, but at the end of the day, my fear of using all the eggs for something that didn’t work out kept me from cooking for fun during much of this quarantine. Also, to be frank, my sister and I were eating several variations of white beans for most dinners, and while delicious, they are not very photogenic. I know I usually keep these posts before the recipes on the short side, but what the hell, I have nothing else to do and I know you don’t either,…