• July 4th Recipe Roundup

    Are you struggling to plan for your July 4th barbecue? Well never fear, because I have pulled 10 of my most cookout friendly recipes that will make you the most popular person at the party.

  • Blueberry Slab Pie

    Welcome back my friends, I hope you haven’t all melted into puddles on the floor in this heat, I know I was certainly close. Leaving the house when it’s 100 degrees outside can be daunting, but if I was going to do it for anything, it would be for margarita ingredients you know? Yes, I realize that this recipe is about blueberry pie, but this is crucial. Last week, I somehow managed to injure my hand while juicing limes, which seems like an achievement even for me, so guess whose electric citrus juicer arrived on Saturday?? Naturally I had to test it out, and used this recipe, which is quite…