• Cinnamon Sugar Brioche Twists

    Cinnamon Sugar Brioche Twists!! If you're looking for a labor-intensive quarantine baking project, look no further than here! Buttery, cinnamon-y, and the perfect breakfast pastry.

  • Making Sourdough (From Scratch!)

    I made sourdough! And now, I've written up everything I learned so that you don't have to trial and error either! This has been weeks in the making and now I'm ready to start my life as a bread maker in France goodbye everyone!

  • Conchas!!

    I would like to mark down March 10th, 2019 as a very special day in my life calendar, because it was the day that I made my first Concha, and I can already tell that we will have a long and happy life together. Also called Pan Dulce, these beautiful works of art are a Mexican bakery staple known for their intricately patterned tops, often resembling the swirl of a shell. A concha consists of two parts: a sweet cinnamon roll, and a crisp, colored (and sometimes flavored) streusel-like topping, which forms the crackly pattern on top. Whenever I used to come across pictures of these, I just assumed that…