• Making Sourdough (From Scratch!)

    I made sourdough! And now, I've written up everything I learned so that you don't have to trial and error either! This has been weeks in the making and now I'm ready to start my life as a bread maker in France goodbye everyone!

  • Spiced Apple Cake

    If for some reason you're not a pie person, or you're looking for a quick but impressive dessert, look no further than this cake! A beautifully light cake sandwiched on both sides by spiced apples, there's literally no time of day that this isn't appropriate.

  • BA’s Pecan Pumpkin Pie

    This impeccable dessert is the marriage of two Thanksgiving classics, the pecan pie and the pumpkin pie. A smooth, custardy pumpkin filling with ALL the warm Autumn spices, topped with toasty, maple-caramelized pecans, it's the best of both worlds!!